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Our Mission

We strive to offer the best possible service to our customers, with a focus on integrity and community. We love to guide people in their journey to finding the right tools for both their everyday lives, special occasions, and everything in between. 

About Sonoma Cutlery

Sonoma Cutlery was born over 40 years ago in Coddingtown out of a passion for providing people with beautiful, well made tools that will last a life time. Our Petaluma store opened in 2007, and has been serving its community ever since.


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If you want to learn something about knives this is the place to go to learn and purchase, super nice people that show care about their business locally owned also. From cooking knives to combat, to a flashlight that can start a fire!! Seriously check this place out.

James Barthol

Petaluma has everything, including a cutlery store where the proprieters give you stand up comedy along with your purchase! Our hosts in Petaluma were gifted a full halibut, but they had no knife with which to scale and clean it. Lo and behold, Sonoma Cutlery had a wide variety of knives appropriate for just such a task! We also purchased an oyster knife. A quick browse in the store revealed a variety of items, such as baking supplies, hunting knives and switchblades.

Sharon W.